Hotel Havblik

Hotel Havblik is a series shoot at an old beachfront hotel on the island of Langeland in the South Funen Archipelago in Denmark.

Hotel Havblik, as the hotel is called, are now closed down and abandoned - left as an almost hostile element in the otherwise unique scenery of the cliff. Havblik is the Danish word for a dead calm sea. Though the danish word alludes to the beautiful reflections of the calm sea - there is an eeriness to this stilness. 

Inside the hotel a skylight projects a beam of light into the darkness, lightning up a recess in the wall, almost as if it's a spotlight on a small stage - Its' around this stage that my story revolve.


The Hotel Havblik series are exhibited at the gallery in Leica Store Frederiksberg in Denmark from the 10. of October untill the 17. of November 2017.